About Eagle Driving School

We have been serving Northern Virginia for over 14 years, helping insecure drivers overcome their fear of driving. Over the years we have seen Thousands of Students go through the “learning to drive” phase successfully. We only let the best instructors join us. Our instruction demonstrates that fear and anxiety will not prevent students from driving if they are seriously motivated. We teach innovative solutions to the complex traffic problems that confront frustrated motorists.

Why Choose Eagle Driving School

  1. Our unique method for precise steering control has helped thousands of students learn fast and feel more comfortable driving. We also give great advice and instruction on how to avoid situations that could lead to accidents.
  2. We encompass nearly every conceivable aspect of driving for today’s motorist. A driving lesson is not just a 2-hour period for us; it is a step towards saving people’s lives, helping them get around, and be more independent. We are adept to Northern Virginia’s multi-cultural environment and we offer classes in different languages.
  3. Let a highly skilled and patient instructor teach your teenager or adult how to drive safely with confidence and without fear.