No, you don’t need to have a L permit. You can always get that later.

Yes, you do need your learner’s permit to get behind the wheel of a car.

Unfortunately you cannot get the Adult Waiver if you have failed 3 times.

No, 18-year-old and older students are not required to take the driver’s education course.

Yes – driver education class and behind-the-wheel are a must for anyone requesting adult waiver.

We highly recommend that you visit the school/classroom before deciding.

Yes, it is your right and we recommend that you do that no matter where you decide to take your course.

Yes. It is important that the parents & teens participate in this presentation and it is a requirement.

Yes. You will have to attend the 8 hour class.

No, Drivers Education is an important part of your adult waiver. Anyone who receives their adult waiver without attending the 36 hour of classroom is committing a crime.