How would it feel to love to drive rather than fearing it?
Let us teach you so you can finally eliminate your fear of driving. Many fearful drivers have a very hard time imagining wheat it would feel like to “Want to Drive”, to “Look forward to driving” and especially to “Learn to Drive”. Our instructors are highly experienced and patient. We teach in a friendly manner while still keeping the focus on safe and comfortable driving. 
Our pass rate among the DMV road test takers is approximately 90%. We can achieve this high number by providing excellent learning experience for our students. Professional driving lessons are the building block to safe and confident driving. By providing access to first class instructors, we’re making it easier, safer and more affordable for you to become a great driver. Our instructors are fully aware of the requirements to pass the DMV Road Test.

What you will learn with Eagle Driving School:

  • Safe Driving Skills
  • Accident Avoidance
  • Rules of the Road
  • Awareness of your surroundings
  • The dangers of drug, alcohol, and distracted driving
  • About your car
  • Parking lot driving
  • Regular/Angle parking
  • Turns, Right, Left, Curves
  • Intersection
  • Lane change
  • Res/Bessn/Road
  • Highway/Merging

We are adept to North Virginia’s multi-cultural environment and we offer classes in different languages. 

Let a highly skilled and patient instructor teach you how to drive safely with confidence and without fear.